Home made burrito bowls

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m pretty much obsessed with Chipotle…. Like go every time I’m in Atlanta for the weekend, sometimes twice, obsessed. You just can’t beat it! Or can you? I attempted my own home made bowls after I had them at my sisters and let me tell you they are delicious. Still second to the real thing in my book, but they are amazing… And soo easy!

I make ours with chicken (you could use whatever meet you prefer though) and top it with rice, beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato, green peppers & sour cream.

So easy, we almost always have leftovers and it gets me by between my trips to Atlanta :)

To prepare the chicken I put a pound of chicken in the crock pot on low for 4 hours with one jar of your favorite salsa, and a packet of taco seasoning on top. And that’s it. De-lish!


Enjoy 😊

it’s fall y’all..

fall is here!!! the weather is cooling down, the leaves are changing, and i wanna be outside all the time. the colors of fall are so beautiful and leaves crunching under my feet is the best sound… as much as I love welcoming a new season though, I’m not a real seasonal decorator… i have some christmas decorations and love a season inspired scented candle, but other than that i pretty much keep the same decor year round… Then yesterday i got on pinterest and was like well crap, all these ideas… i need something “fall-ish” in my house. So i mixed my love for distressed mason jars, with fall, and viola…


all the flowers were picked from the empty lot across the street from us, and the mason jars were $1 each from hobby lobby. such an easy and fun project for under $5… this is where I got my inspiration… happy Fall!


Hatcher is starting to interact with us so much more lately and seeing his relationship with Maddox really start to develop is quite simply the best.

For example the other day at Kroger we saw their pumpkin display that Maddox was super excited about.. we got closer to them and he put his arm around Hatcher and said, “look at all the pumpkins, Hatcher.” Or when I when I walk into a room with Hatcher on my hip and Maddox lights up and says, “Hey Hatcher Batcher! Did you have a good nap bud?” Or every single night at bed time when he begs to get into Hatcher’s crib with him for just a minute…. It’s so sweet..

Don’t get me wrong though… Maddox is by no means the perfect big brother. He already knows that when Hatchers upset if he growls at him, he cries harder. And sharing… Well let’s just say we’re working on sharing… We’ve got some work to do in that department 😊 The little glimpses of love and kindness towards Hatcher I do see though make me so hopeful for the future.. I want my kids to value their relationship with their siblings above all other friendships. I’m so excited about the coming months and seeing these brothers interact even more! I love you Maddox and Hatcher and pray your relationship with each other is full of love, kindness and laughter





Twenty eight

I’m twenty eight! I know that’s not old… But it SOUNDS old… To me at least. Like when I used to see a 28 year old with two kids I would think, “wow that girl is old and must be so mature”…. Now, I am that girl and I’m just waiting on the old and mature thing to kick in…. No but for real, I do not feel old enough to say I’m 28 and a mom of two! 😳

Anyhow, I had such a fun weekend celebrating my birthday! Friday night some girls took me out to eat and we had such a good time! There are some really fun girls in my neighborhood that I’ve gotten close to, and we just ate and visited and it was such a good time! Thanks for a fun night girls!

Saturday, Justin took one for the team and we went to Six Flags… I LOVE roller coasters and have been saying for years how much I would love to go to Six Flags! He told me over and over again he liked roller coasters and he was excited, but when he got car sick on the way to the park I thought, “oh geez… He might not like this idea as much as he’s letting on.” 😊 He was definitely a little queasy, but had such a good attitude and we had the best time! It was fun to be together just the two of us all day, with no kids, and be kids ourselves! If I’m honest I was just a little worried that I would be too old for the roller coasters and they wouldn’t be as much fun as I remembered, but I was wrong….. Seriously, I had the best time!

After the park we had dinner and then went back to my parents for cake! Shout out to my dad who totally stepped up and babysat both kids for a few hours by himself while my mom worked a wedding! Thanks soooo much dad! My mom made a really delicious chocolate fudge cake and we ate that and then crashed!!!

Sunday we did church and lunch out with the Dowlings to wrap up the celebrations!

Such a fun weekend and I felt so celebrated. Thank you to everyone for the love and birthday wishes! I think it’s gonna be a good year 😄












Eight months

You are eight months old and my happiest little pumpkin pie. I adore you, and cannot get enough of your sweet giggles and gummy grin. Still no teeth and you’re still not actually crawling, but you are scooting around like a champ… You are seriously quick! You will eat anything I put in front of you, and have adjusted perfectly to three meals/nursings a day. The spitting up has decreased tremendously and I am so thankful for that! You’ve had a lot of people praying for you, including a prayer just for you at church… It was really special.
I have loved seeing your little personality come out even more this month… You seem to be more of a people person than your older brother. Maddox never minded, and still doesn’t, playing by himself. You don’t like it…. You are fine to keep yourself entertained as long as we are all in the room, but once you are alone you get upset…
For example, the other day I left you on the living room floor with some toys to go change my clothes in my closet, and when I came back you were gone! You had scooted yourself all the way to the garage door looking for me 😊
I am so so thankful for the eight months we have had with you and look forward to seeing even more of your cute personality in the future! Can’t believe you’re already 8 months old! Seems impossible…. Here are some photos from our month…




















Love you, Hatcher Batcher! 😘

Hatcher update #3

Hatcher’s been on his new medicine for a week now. {Only one of the two that the doctor prescribed actually, because even after 3 trips to the dang pharmacy they STILL haven’t gotten the other one…} Either way though, he’s been doing so much better! The spit up hasn’t completely stopped, but I feel like he is way closer to “normal” than he was. He’s gone from spitting up 40+ times a day to maybe 5-10 times a day… Ya know when you’re in the middle of something and you know it’s hard, but don’t really realize how hard? That’s how this whole situation has been. I knew it was a lot… I was soooo tired of cleaning up spit up and making sure to bring burp cloths and extra clothes with me everywhere I went, but it was also the norm… He had been a bad spitter since day one. It’s only now, when I make it through an entire trip to wal-mart without cleaning up a single puddle, or he {or I} wears the same shirt all day that I realize just how bad it really was… More than the annoying-ness though, I am so so thankful that he’s fattening up and gaining weight!
I love you so much Hatcher. You are such a delight and just get cuter by the day… I thank God so much that you are mine and that you’re healthy and happy.. You have been the perfect addition to our family!


Thanks again for all the calls, messages and prayers for our sweet Hatcher.. It means more to us than you know 😊

Potty training.

We’re a week and a half into potty training and after a major set-back last weekend {diarrhea 😝}, we’re back on track and it is going really well!

Maddox totally gets it… He does a fantastic job telling me when he has to go and has had very few accidents… Minus the one night we had all the tummy troubles… Which was by the way my roughest night of motherhood to date… Just to paint you a picture of the scene–we were at an out of town football game, it was 700 degrees outside, Maddox was sick, the air conditioned bathroom was out of order, we were in a teeny tiny stall that was even hotter than outside, and his hiney was as red and raw as a hiney can be… He was hysterical, scared he was gonna fall into the big toilet and so sad that he kept having accidents.. I brought multiple pull ups, a few diapers that were already in the bag and 5 or 6 diapers for Hatcher…. By half time I was down to only Hatcher’s diapers…… It was rough…

Anyhow, after a weekend exclusively in pull ups we started back in underwear Monday morning and he went right back to doing pretty much all his business in the potty 😊 Even with a road trip to and from Atlanta, no accidents! To say I’m proud of him is an understatement! Way to go Mads.. You rock!

IMG_4333.JPG Treat after his first poop in the potty!!



Not to mention, his hiney in big boy underwear is seriously THE cutest!


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