Potty training.

We’re a week and a half into potty training and after a major set-back last weekend {diarrhea 😝}, we’re back on track and it is going really well!

Maddox totally gets it… He does a fantastic job telling me when he has to go and has had very few accidents… Minus the one night we had all the tummy troubles… Which was by the way my roughest night of motherhood to date… Just to paint you a picture of the scene–we were at an out of town football game, it was 700 degrees outside, Maddox was sick, the air conditioned bathroom was out of order, we were in a teeny tiny stall that was even hotter than outside, and his hiney was as red and raw as a hiney can be… He was hysterical, scared he was gonna fall into the big toilet and so sad that he kept having accidents.. I brought multiple pull ups, a few diapers that were already in the bag and 5 or 6 diapers for Hatcher…. By half time I was down to only Hatcher’s diapers…… It was rough…

Anyhow, after a weekend exclusively in pull ups we started back in underwear Monday morning and he went right back to doing pretty much all his business in the potty 😊 Even with a road trip to and from Atlanta, no accidents! To say I’m proud of him is an understatement! Way to go Mads.. You rock!

IMG_4333.JPG Treat after his first poop in the potty!!



Not to mention, his hiney in big boy underwear is seriously THE cutest!

Hatcher update #2

We had Hatcher’s appointment with the gastroenterologist this morning and it went really well.. We really liked the doctor and were glad to be able to see a specialist to try and get some answers.

He thinks it’s definitely just reflux as opposed to a structural issue and prescribed some different medications (kinds that promote quicker digestion, rather than just reducing acid). I’m supposed to call back in two weeks and report on how it’s going and see if we need to do anything else. I wasn’t crazy about putting him on more medication, but in the words of the doctor, “97% of kids grow out of reflux, 0% grow out of it, if they don’t grow….” Good point doc, good point 😉
He’s been doing a little better the last couple of weeks and has gained 1lb 1oz since August 14, which was super encouraging. That’s more than he’s gained in 2.5 months! We are so thankful for Hatcher’s health and are glad to be moving in the right direction…
Thank you all so much for checking up on us. We appreciate it so much!

Little guy, big potential… with some spit up because that’s life right now….

7 months

Dear Hatcher,

You are seven months old and I love you so so much! It’s been a big month for you… You can now sit up and can army crawl/scoot. You are so happy and laugh all the time! You are also really starting to notice us. You cry when we walk out of a room, and light up when you see us… Especially Maddox and my gosh it is THE cutest thing to see him make you laugh 😊 You are extremely ticklish and your gummy grin is the best….
Here are a few photos from the last month.











We love you so much. Happy 7 months Hatcher Batcher!!!

Hatcher Update

We went back to the doctor this morning for a follow up appointment…. Like I said the spit up has not decreased at all, and not surprisingly he hasn’t gained much weight {3oz} since being on the medicine. Our next step is to see a Gastroenterologist. My pediatrician said he will possibly order an Upper GI, but that he might have a better idea of what’s going on without having to do the procedure. We have an appointment with the specialist in a few weeks and are praying that he will be able to give us some answers then.

Thanks to everyone that has checked on us… I appreciate it so much!

This is for boys mom…

Curious Mr. Maddox watches my every move throughout the day and often wants to do exactly what I’m doing… Including, but not limited to wearing make up, earrings, blow drying his hair, putting on deodorant, painting his toe nails, etc… We’ve been talking a lot lately about how there are some things only boys do and some things only girls do. He knows he’s a boy and I’m a girl so he understands it… He still thinks he can have a baby in his belly though so he doesn’t totally get it, but we’re getting there….
Yesterday we were in my bathroom and he went under the sink and pulled the drain-o out. I told him it wasn’t a toy and to put it back. He looked up at me and said. “No mom, this is for boys…” Soooo, then we had a conversation about grown ups and kids. Always keeping me on my toes that Maddox.




Fake cough, fake cough, sneeze..

Every time Hatcher sneezes he does a fake cough first… It’s like he feels a sneeze coming, thinks maybe he just needs to cough, tries that, it doesn’t work, then he sneezes. I haven’t been able to get it on video yet, but it’s seriously so cute to me….

I mean seriously… This kid is killer!

Football season is upon us..

School is starting for Justin this week which also means… Football!! Technically they’ve had football all summer, but it’s been pretty flexible and laid back. Now, it’s the real deal. They had a scrimmage this weekend and have their first game in a couple of weeks. It’s a big time commitment for Justin and a lot of his time is spent at the school getting the fields ready, watching film, and practicing. I don’t tell him enough how proud of him I am, but he works so hard, cares about the players a ton and is a kick A coach… Love you babe, and your hard working heart. Thank you for teaching our boys how important work is by setting such a great example. We are all blessed by you and love you x a million!!!

Go Trojans!!!


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