one month

I figured since I finally posted Paxton’s birth I should go ahead and do his monthly updates too. The first month of his life was pretty much insane. Justin was at the peak of his baseball season…. and by peak I mean in the first 11 days of Paxton’s life he had 8 games. Maddox was in the middle of his tee ball season too, which was less of a time commitment, but still something to be at. My mom was here for a few days after Paxton was born and Justin’s mom helped me as much as she could when my mom left. Thankfully my recovery this time was a breeze so I was really able to still do a lot and stay feeling well…. Needless to say, Paxton was out and about very quickly and he pretty much flawlessly rolled with every punch! His personality is super chill and  I’m so thankful for that.. being the 4th child you are either chill and go with the flow, or you’re not chill and are forced to go with the flow anyways 😂  Here are some pictures of our first crazy month which included lots of baseball games, meeting lots of new friends and cousins and a family wedding.  We had his one month well check and the doctor was happy with everything she saw! He weighed in at 11lbs 3oz keeping his rank as our heaviest kid ☺️Happy one month Paxton ☺️


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