well, hello there!

Hi! I haven’t posted in forever, but without internet its kind of a pain.. and finally after living at this house for FOUR years, we joined everyone else in 2017 and got wifi!!!! Halleluiah!! Annnd now I have no excuses… I really want to try and start documenting our life better on here… We’ll see how that goes! ha. The last time I wrote I wasn’t very far along in my pregnancy. Since then we have found out the baby is a boy and we are so excited! Honestly though, it did take me a few weeks. Don’t get me wrong. I was SO thankful to hear that the baby was healthy, and the 4 boy dynamic is actually something I’m super excited about. BUT, like I’ve said before, Justin and I are planning for this to be our last baby and I would have loved to experience having both boys and girls. When I really processed and evaluated my feelings though, it wasn’t that I was so sad I was having another boy, it was more just letting go of ever having a girl. I also wrestled with some insecurities wondering why God chose me for only boys, and had to combat the lie, “Im not good enough to be a girl mom”. Ultimately though, like I said, we are so thankful and excited for baby boy number 4 :)

The boys were really excited too! Maddox had actually really wanted it to be a girl and I was afraid he would be kind of disappointed. We stopped by Walmart on the way home from my appointment though and bought a bunch blue balloons and other fun blue treats which had them all excited! He said the next day, “Ya know mom, I’m really glad its a boy, because if it were a girl we’d have pink stuff everywhere and I like blue a lot better than pink.” Ha ha!

Pregnancy wise, this has been my hardest one! I was pretty nauseas, had a lot of headaches and was SO tired the first trimester. Then the second trimester came and went and I just kept waiting to feel better. Before I felt like I was out of the woods though, I was in the third trimester. Ha! Ive definitely had good days, and better than a lot of girls I hear about, but the back pain, heartburn, and general discomfort has definitely just worn on me more this time! I am now about one month out and am ready and so excited to meet this little boy! Here are some pics of my growing bump..

IMG_1047IMG_0969IMG_2233Feeling kicks!IMG_3725IMG_3825IMG_3839IMG_398933 weeksIMG_4074

Lets see.. What else has gone on.. The kids are awesome! Maddox turned five. He is in Pre-K and loves it! He has learned a good bit and LOVES his teacher! I hope he continues enjoying school. He’s also playing baseball for the first time this spring and although its not the best timing because of the baby, we are really excited about it!IMG_3867IMG_1479Hatcher is hilarious. He didn’t have much to say until he was about 2 and a half, but he is making up for it now. He is sometimes still pretty hard to understand, but his little expressions and voice are the cutest! I wish I could bottle it up. He is the most serious of all of our kids, but he loves his mama and is actually a sweet kid when he wants to be :) IMG_2445IMG_3043Bear is a little over 18 months now and his personality is seriously awesome! He is talking a ton and saying new words every day! He loves people and is so friendly with everyone. He is the first one of our kids to be like that. Maddox is just shy (until he gets comfortable, then he is off the chaiN!!!), Hatcher is straight up rude to most people. Haha! But Bear, he will go to anyone, tells everyone hey, gives high fives all around.. Its really sweet. He already thinks he is one of the older boys and wants to hang with them so bad! I just love seeing them become little people!IMG_3516IMG_4227I am excited about adding another brother to this crew and SO curious about how it will shake things up! IMG_3483


Hopefully I’ll be back sooner than later!


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