Big brothers 

Paxton’s been home for a little over 2 weeks now and the boys have done SO well. They all love him and have been really helpful with getting diapers and making sure he always has his lovey and passie, especially Bear ☺️ 

Bear tells me every time he makes a noise, “uh oh, baby crying mama!”. He also likes to touch his face really gently and says “it’s ok baby” if he’s fussing at all. 

Hatcher points to him and asks me almost daily, “is that Paxton?”. I think now he knows it’s funny, because it is and I love it. 

Maddox has been super sweet too. He loves holding him and actually does a really great job! He loves laying down and letting him sleep on his chest and watching it makes me feel like my heart could explode! He also really considers him. For example, he’s playing baseball this year and at one of his first practices he hit a ball straight back at the coach and it hit him in the shoulder… so on the way to practice the other night he said, “mom what if I hit the ball really good again tonight (confidence is not really an issue 😂) and it hits Paxton?!” I loved that he was thinking about him and thought it was really sweet! 

Here are some photos of the boys holding him 💙


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