Baby number four: thoughts, feelings, & my pregnancy so far… 

So I “announced” it on social media last week, but we’re expecting baby number four!! I am so excited and so thankful for another sweet baby to join our crew! 

After I had Bear I said I wanted to wait until he was about 2 to get pregnant again. The transition to 3 kids was my hardest yet, and I just kind of wanted a break from pregnancy and/or breastfeeding! I did the math… Bear weaned in June making this the first summer I wasn’t pregnant or breastfeeding in 5 years!! But after some thought, prayer, and baby fever that struck both of us we decided to go for number 4. Maddox praying every night for a baby girl didn’t help my baby fever either 😍 Our plan is that this will be our last… But like I said above, we also planned on waiting another year before getting pregnant again 😜 Ultimately we’re taking things one kid at a time and following God’s lead for our family. To answer the question on everyone’s minds, yes we’re finding out the gender, yes we would love a girl, and yes we trust God with whatever he gives us! I would defintely be lying if I said I didn’t want a daughter… I would love to experience parenting both sons and daughters. However, I do trust in God’s plan for our family and know that His plans are greater than mine. All that to say we find out in a few more weeks what we’re having! 

I am 14 weeks and although I’m overall feeling better, I don’t feel like I’m completely out of the first trimester woods yet! I still have some pretty nauseas moments and am still really tired… I’m ready for some energy to return!! We are so thankful and excited though about the newest addition to our family! Can’t wait to meet you little one! Here are a few photos of the pregnancy thus far.. ​​ ​


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