To the day I found out I was pregnant with B… Hatcher woke up sick with a fever, Maddox started throwing up {in the cereal aisle at Walmart while we were there getting infant tylenol}, and I for some reason thought it would be a good day to take a pregnancy test. I just knew it would be negative….. And then it was positive!!!!!!! I was pregnant. I couldn’t stop laughing. I was shocked. It was definitely sooner than we thought it would happen based on the fact that I was still nursing Hatcher and hadn’t gotten my cycle back since having H, BUT I can honestly say I was so excited and ready! And here we are now at 37 weeks, so close to meeting the little guy :)   So glad I have these pictures from that day πŸ˜‚

Father’s Day at the Braves game!

Some friends gave us tickets to the Braves game for Sunday and we had a blast! We left Hatcher at home and Maddox, Justin, Justin’s dad Mr. Phil and I went… Maddox did great even though it was really hot! He ate his way through most of the game, but honestly what’s better for a 3 year old? Here are a few pics from day :) Thanks to the Mcdonnels for the tickets and such a fun way to celebrate Father’s Day! 

   This anti-hand holding child of mine voluntarily grabbed my hand and held on tight for a solid 10 minutes….. πŸ’™         

Such a fun day celebrating Justin and getting to spend time with his dad too! Here’s one more picture {with Hatcher} from church Sunday morning :)  

 Love you, and think you’re an awesome dad to our boys, Justin 😘

Preparing for Barrett

We have a little over a month until Barrett arrives, and I have found myself in “lets get the whole house organized mode….” I think they call that nesting? πŸ˜‰ Unfortunately, between my tired body, sick children, and traveling every weekend I haven’t been able to do many of the things I really want to do, but I am getting there… slowly! As of last week Hatcher is officially moved out of the nursery! We started about a month or so ago transitioning him to Maddox’s room and it has gone pretty smoothly! The first night I gave up at 10pm when they had both been in there since 7:45 and neither were close to being asleep! We waited a few days and tried again on a night where I knew both boys were exhausted and they did great! I think they are both still adjusting a little bit (going out of town so much recently hasn’t really helped), but there’s no turning back now :) 

The nursery is coming together so well, and I really like the way everything is looking. I only made a few changes from how it was when Hatcher was in there, but I think they have added a ton to the room and I love being in there :) It’s a small space.. Just big enough for a dresser, crib, glider and small shelf, but perfect for a baby. I have a few more things to finish up, hang, and put away, but will post some photos when it’s done :)     In the meantime, here is my most recent belly photo. Taken by Maddox…. No lie, he said, “Mom, I want to take a picture of you and Barrett.. Stand right there!” That kid… He’s just the best! 


By the end of the summer last year Maddox got pretty decent at swimming… He forgot everything when summer was over, but is picking it back up quickly! We are so blessed with a pool at Justin’s parents house, and also Steffi, a girl in our neighborhood, that invites us to swim a lot! He would definitely drown in a pool with no supervision, but he sort of gets it… He wears a puddle jumper 95% of the time and does fantastic with that, but is getting better and better without it too. We are doing swim lessons this week and I’m hoping those help and he gets even better! We will see :) One things for sure… He is fearless! Here are a few videos and one photo of him swimming this summer!  

      As far as Hatcher is concerned, he went from being happy and content sitting and splashing on the stairs, to a little fish… jumping off the side, going completely under, blowing bubbles and loving every minute, basically overnight … No more sitting on the side and relaxing {at all!!} at the pool for me! I don’t have videos of him because I have to be in the water the whole time, but here’s one photo of him and his buddy James :)


Moving on…Β 

To the third trimester 😊 I can’t believe we are only 3 months {yesterday} from meeting Barrett! This pregnancy has been a little different…. I feel like with each one, my symptoms have gotten just a little more intense. I’m still generally feeling well, just a little more tired, and achy than I have in the past… And the heartburn starts earlier every time… It could just be that I have a lot more going on and not as much time to relax with each pregnancy, but either way I am thankful for nothing too extreme keeping me from day to day activities. Some days, 13 weeks feels like nothing, and others I feel like my due date will never be here! Come July though, I know I’ll be all “Where the heck did the last 3 months go?!?” Mostly, I can’t wait to meet this little boy inside me. 

You have some crazy brothers that are certainly excited for your arrival too Mr. Barrett.. Maddox asks a lot if you’re coming out tomorrow, and his number one question is if you’ll be naked… Ha!! Hatcher learned to give you kisses this week and any time he hears your name wants to see my belly and give it a kiss. It’s so cute and he gets so proud of himself after each kiss! We all love you little guy 😘



I love Easter! It’s such a special day and a great time to reflect on what Jesus did for us. I am so thankful for His sacrifice, to know Him as my savior and to be confident in spending eternity with Him. Unfortunately Justin had a baseball game Saturday afternoon, so we did some family stuff without him! We had an egg hunt at Mama Bea and Pops on Saturday, church Sunday morning and then another egg hunt at Papa’s after church. Such a fun weekend and a great time to teach our boys the real meaning of Easter :) 



The brick wall

I have been down to Amelia island at least once during each one of my pregnancies and have taken a belly bump photo in front of the same brick wall each time. With Maddox and Hatcher I was in my first trimester during the summer so there’s not much of a bump, but I still think it’s super cool to have a picture of all three in the same spot :)  


11 weeks with Maddox, 9 or 10 with Hatcher, and 26 with Barrett πŸ’™ 


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