Bear turns one!

This year flew by… Adding Barrett to our family has been so much fun and such a blessing! He is so adorable and cracks us up acting like he’s one of the big boys! He’s seriously trying to keep up with Hatcher and Maddox. Some days I just feel like I can’t get enough of him ☺️ You’ve seen Katelin’s photos on here before, and once again, she did not disappoint! They turned out SO WELL!!! Stick around… Take a look-ie!

I mean seriously some of my fav pictures ever with the best one year old! I love you Bear! 

And just for my sake.. One year stats: 

21.4lbs and 29 inches tall 😍

Columbus trip!

Justin loves golf, and I love Ashtyn (and Matt and Reese too of course ☺️) so when Ash called to see if we wanted to come to Columbus for Justin to play in a golf tournament with Matt it was a no brainer! We had such a fun long weekend with them and I have the photos to prove it! 

We love you, Prieloznys!

Family time! 

In June I got some really good time with my side of the family! I love my siblings, and parents, and the cousin dynamic is so unbeatable! My kids always say that their cousins are their best friends and pray/thank God for multiple cousins in nighttime prayers. Bruners have been #1 on Hatcher’s list the last few days, Sarah… Especially “aunt Truett” 😂 We are such a large group its unfortunately pretty rare for us to get time all together. It didn’t happen this summer, but we made the best of it… Here are some photos!

Are you there? 

I haven’t posted in forever! This summer was so much fun though and deserves some documentation! We took a few trips, Bear turned one, it was Maddox’s last summer before SCHOOL, and my kids got even cooler! I think I’m going to do a few posts to avoid one novel level post, so stay tuned.. And I’ll leave you with this…. 

One of my fav series of pictures from the entire summer/life! 

Railroad track.. Ahhh!

I can’t remember if it was Justin or Maddox that started it (I’m gonna go wth Justin), but one time we went over a railroad track and yelled “railroad track ahhhhh!” And everyone held their hands up. The boys loved it. Laughed their heads off. Thought it was the best thing ever. It was months ago and we literally haven’t been over a single railroad track since without doing it. If Bear is sleeping we whisper it. If it sneaks up on us, we say it really fast. It’s one of my fav things… Gosh, I love these boys. Being their mom, while it is exhausting, is SO fun 💙
Also, Maddox says “robo track” every time which, if you ask me, makes this story like 15x better 😂

Hatcher and his hat

If you follow me on social media at all, Hatcher’s flat bill JM hat is no stranger.. He is obsessed with it! He requests to wear it all the time and sleeps with it on or in his bed with him most nights! I love that at only two he has such a strong opinion about it ☺️ Here are just a few photos of the “baseball hat” love!

8, 9 & 10 months 

Guys, I’ve completely dropped the blogging ball over here… We’ve just been super busy. Anyways, I want to do a little update/photo dump of the last few months with Bear. He is the sweetest! He LOVES his brothers, smiles at everyone, and is just the most delightful little person. He started pulling up right at 7 months, and is cruising on furniture everywhere now. I think he’s still got a while before he starts walking though… Definitely not rushing it :) Still no teeth, and his toothless grin is pretty adorable! He nurses three times a day, eats mainly table foods (pretty much refuses to be fed–he wants to do it himself!) and is sleeping great! We had a rough patch, sleep wise, with all of the traveling, but we’re back on track, and all very happy about that! He is seriously the perfect little addition to our family and watching him interact with Maddox and Hatcher is my fav! I really can’t believe we’re only two months away from having a one year old! This year has absolutely flown!! We’ve had an awesome couple months… And now for the photos.. A couple trips to the beach, roseola, a couple colds, stomach bugs{three! Ugh}, enjoying the spring weather, baseball games, Easter, Orlando trip, and so much sweetness!