Moving on… 

To the third trimester 😊 I can’t believe we are only 3 months {yesterday} from meeting Barrett! This pregnancy has been a little different…. I feel like with each one, my symptoms have gotten just a little more intense. I’m still generally feeling well, just a little more tired, and achy than I have in the past… And the heartburn starts earlier every time… It could just be that I have a lot more going on and not as much time to relax with each pregnancy, but either way I am thankful for nothing too extreme keeping me from day to day activities. Some days, 13 weeks feels like nothing, and others I feel like my due date will never be here! Come July though, I know I’ll be all “Where the heck did the last 3 months go?!?” Mostly, I can’t wait to meet this little boy inside me. 

You have some crazy brothers that are certainly excited for your arrival too Mr. Barrett.. Maddox asks a lot if you’re coming out tomorrow, and his number one question is if you’ll be naked… Ha!! Hatcher learned to give you kisses this week and any time he hears your name wants to see my belly and give it a kiss. It’s so cute and he gets so proud of himself after each kiss! We all love you little guy 😘



I love Easter! It’s such a special day and a great time to reflect on what Jesus did for us. I am so thankful for His sacrifice, to know Him as my savior and to be confident in spending eternity with Him. Unfortunately Justin had a baseball game Saturday afternoon, so we did some family stuff without him! We had an egg hunt at Mama Bea and Pops on Saturday, church Sunday morning and then another egg hunt at Papa’s after church. Such a fun weekend and a great time to teach our boys the real meaning of Easter :) 



The brick wall

I have been down to Amelia island at least once during each one of my pregnancies and have taken a belly bump photo in front of the same brick wall each time. With Maddox and Hatcher I was in my first trimester during the summer so there’s not much of a bump, but I still think it’s super cool to have a picture of all three in the same spot :)  


11 weeks with Maddox, 9 or 10 with Hatcher, and 26 with Barrett 💙 


The kids and I have pretty much been beach bums the last couple weeks :) It has been so much fun! We went down with Justin for his spring break, came home for Easter and went back with Mrs. Christy & Kristin (my mother-in-law and sister-in-law). Both times were great! It was so nice for Justin to be away from work and get a little time away with him :) It was pretty cold so we didn’t get much beach time, but it was still fun! The second time we went the weather was absolutely perfect! Sunny and warm, but not too hot! All four of our combined kids love the beach and had a blast playing in the sand and freeeezing water! The water didn’t even phase Maddox and Noah and they splashed around and played hard in it every day! It was a great week away, but we were all ready to see daddy when we got back! Here are a ton of pictures from both trips…  



It is such a blessing for my kids to get to go to the beach as much as they do! We are so thankful :) 


“Please” and “all done” are really the only two baby signs we ended up doing with Maddox.. I attempted “more”, but he never really got that one so we didn’t force it… I can’t remember when he learned either, but I’ve been working on both with Hatcher… He just stares at me every time though and hasn’t ever done anything back. He is pretty stingy with his tricks… Except for clapping. He will clap/cheer any time you ask :) You might as well forget it with waving, saying pretty much anything, walking… He’s just not into it! Not much of a performer… Can’t say I blame him! Last night though at dinner I asked him to “say please” and he just did it! For nothing, just like that..  I was so proud of him and excited he did it again when I got my phone out! I think Hatcher’s going to be one of those kids that just does things on his own time… Whether everyone’s doing it or not :) Love that kid! Here’s the video..

Halfway done! 

21 down, 19 to go! I’m feeling great, minus some normal aches and pains, and getting bigger! Hoping this next half goes as fast as the first did and absolutely cannot wait to meet little Barrett!! Click the link for a little compilation of bump shots so far :) 

Beach weekend with the Gibbs

Justin had winter break last weekend so we headed down to the beach. We had some friends go with us and it was such a good time! Duke and Keri have 3 kids so our kids had a blast playing with theirs! It was suuuuper cold, especially on the beach, so we did a lot of hanging out and eating and not a lot of beaching… The weather did cooperate a little bit and we were able to get on the beach one day for about an hour, and ride bikes another day which was really fun! We are so glad ya’ll came with us Gibbs! We loved spending the weekend with you guys!

Here are a few photos from the weekend :)

















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