Railroad track.. Ahhh!

I can’t remember if it was Justin or Maddox that started it (I’m gonna go wth Justin), but one time we went over a railroad track and yelled “railroad track ahhhhh!” And everyone held their hands up. The boys loved it. Laughed their heads off. Thought it was the best thing ever. It was months ago and we literally haven’t been over a single railroad track since without doing it. If Bear is sleeping we whisper it. If it sneaks up on us, we say it really fast. It’s one of my fav things… Gosh, I love these boys. Being their mom, while it is exhausting, is SO fun ๐Ÿ’™
Also, Maddox says “robo track” every time which, if you ask me, makes this story like 15x better ๐Ÿ˜‚

Hatcher and his hat

If you follow me on social media at all, Hatcher’s flat bill JM hat is no stranger.. He is obsessed with it! He requests to wear it all the time and sleeps with it on or in his bed with him most nights! I love that at only two he has such a strong opinion about it โ˜บ๏ธ Here are just a few photos of the “baseball hat” love!

8, 9 & 10 monthsย 

Guys, I’ve completely dropped the blogging ball over here… We’ve just been super busy. Anyways, I want to do a little update/photo dump of the last few months with Bear. He is the sweetest! He LOVES his brothers, smiles at everyone, and is just the most delightful little person. He started pulling up right at 7 months, and is cruising on furniture everywhere now. I think he’s still got a while before he starts walking though… Definitely not rushing it :) Still no teeth, and his toothless grin is pretty adorable! He nurses three times a day, eats mainly table foods (pretty much refuses to be fed–he wants to do it himself!) and is sleeping great! We had a rough patch, sleep wise, with all of the traveling, but we’re back on track, and all very happy about that! He is seriously the perfect little addition to our family and watching him interact with Maddox and Hatcher is my fav! I really can’t believe we’re only two months away from having a one year old! This year has absolutely flown!! We’ve had an awesome couple months… And now for the photos.. A couple trips to the beach, roseola, a couple colds, stomach bugs{three! Ugh}, enjoying the spring weather, baseball games, Easter, Orlando trip, and so much sweetness! 

Laundry Room Makeoverย 

When we built our house we only had Maddox and he wasn’t even a year old. I remember a man at church saying him and his wife had built their “dream house” and they loved it… Until they had children. They didn’t build it with their 4 kids in mind. We were in the building process when he said that and it made me really think through some of our plans… However, with only a 6 month old, it was kind of hard to project what we really needed. If I’m honest though, and I’m not trying to toot my own horn, there are only a few things I wish I’d done better/differently…. One of them being the laundry room. I grossly underestimated how much freaking laundry I’d be doing! With every kid, I swear it more than doubles! Especially with little people {boys!!} who love to feed themselves and play outside and blow out diapers and spit up on outfits all day!! The laundry room was kind of thrown together last minute and was a bit of an afterthought.. And, honestly I hate{d} it!! This weekend we finally showed it some TLC and it made all the difference in the world! I looked around on Pinterest, found some ideas I liked and we made a plan. I’m so thankful for Justin who put in the hard work to get it done just like I wanted it!! I love it, babe! And you! ๐Ÿ˜˜ I’m hoping somehow this update will make me enjoy doing laundry, but I’m not holding my breath! Without further ado, Here are the pics..

Before:Progress:  And the finished project:  

I still have a few more decorative things I want to add… There is a lot of blank wall to the left that I want to do some cutesy stuff to, but other than that, I’m really happy with it!



Bear is seven months old and he has had quite the month… He figured out how to crawl and sit up and has totally mastered both… He’s everywhere! He hasn’t quite gotten it yet, but he is super close to being able to pull up too! This is definitely the earliest any of my kids have even attempted being mobile, and it’s fun, but Im also realizing how much I liked my extra two months of non-mobility โ˜บ๏ธ. It really is so cool to see him figure it out though and it feels like he’s actually trying to keep up with his brothers! He interacts with them soo much! Lights up like a Christmas tree when Maddox even looks his way… Talk about melting your heart! LOVE! He’s doing great with his solids and gaining weight like a champ! At the dr Friday (2.5.16) he was 19lbs 10oz.. Up 2lbs 5oz since his 6 months well check last month ๐Ÿ˜ณ At this rate, it won’t be long before he catches Hatcher!! We Love you sooo much Bear! You are so sweet and I love seeing your little personality develop more each month! Happy seven months! 

And now for the photos from our month ๐Ÿ’™ 
    Yoga baby 
  This face cracks me up!   
 This is how we shop. And we spend a decent amount of time in bathrooms ๐Ÿ˜œ 


Hatcher is TWO!ย 

This kid y’all… He’s so much fun. He’s so different than Maddox… It’s crazy. His highs are higher and lows are lower.. He’s not much of a performer. So many days he’ll do something so cute and when Justin gets home I’ll ask him to do it for him and he just smiles.. I have loved seeing his little personality come out more and more. I think he’s gonna be a lot like Justin. Not very talkative, independent, but committed and loyal. He loves Maddox and wants to do everything he does. He also LOVES basketball and shoots the ball more than anything else. Every morning the first thing he says to me is either “daddy” or “shoot ball”, every time we leave the house he says, “bye ball, bye goal” and every night he tells his goal night night ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚ He’s sweet and tender hearted and so much fun to be around. I am thankful for every day (even the hard ones!) God has given me with Hatcher. He is truly my little sunshine and such a delight. I love you with all my heart Hatchy. I pray for you all the time. That I will train you in the way you should go, and that you won’t depart from it when you’re old. I pray that you’ll be a man that loves others, and Christ and serves Him with your whole heart. Happy second birthday precious boy. We love you forever!  


Happy birthday Maddox

I really want this post to be sweet and inspired and something Maddox looks back on with a perfect picture of how much we love him…. Honestly though, I am just at a total loss for words… Being a mom is such a privilege. One I intentionally work on not taking for granted. And Maddox, he makes being a mom so much fun! He also makes it a great challenge, but one I can honestly say I absolutely love. I can’t believe I have a four year old. Feels impossible that I have been a mom that long. And yet I can so easily go right back to the delivery room when I heard his cry for the first time… I can still feel that joy and love that exploded in my heart. To say I’m thankful doesn’t even scratch the surface. I pray I get to see Maddox celebrate many more birthdays, and that he continues to make me as proud in his years to come as he has these first four. I love you Maddox. Happy fourth birthday ๐Ÿ˜˜ 405751_772361569459_39803652_36894698_1515524683_n408896_772361789019_39803652_36894701_1601731778_n400345_772363111369_39803652_36894715_1630340883_nDSC_0766IMG_3644photo 520131006-163851.jpg20131211-102823.jpgphoto 320140506-110440.jpg20140706-141536-51336265.jpg20140813-093511-34511692.jpgIMG_4293IMG_3784IMG_9892IMG_9908IMG_7125IMG_6480IMG_2180IMG_3879IMG_3489LOVE you!! 


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