“Please” and “all done” are really the only two baby signs we ended up doing with Maddox.. I attempted “more”, but he never really got that one so we didn’t force it… I can’t remember when he learned either, but I’ve been working on both with Hatcher… He just stares at me every time though and hasn’t ever done anything back. He is pretty stingy with his tricks… Except for clapping. He will clap/cheer any time you ask :) You might as well forget it with waving, saying pretty much anything, walking… He’s just not into it! Not much of a performer… Can’t say I blame him! Last night though at dinner I asked him to “say please” and he just did it! For nothing, just like that..  I was so proud of him and excited he did it again when I got my phone out! I think Hatcher’s going to be one of those kids that just does things on his own time… Whether everyone’s doing it or not :) Love that kid! Here’s the video.. http://instagram.com/p/0LgvGUgQVW/

Halfway done! 

21 down, 19 to go! I’m feeling great, minus some normal aches and pains, and getting bigger! Hoping this next half goes as fast as the first did and absolutely cannot wait to meet little Barrett!! Click the link for a little compilation of bump shots so far :) http://flipagram.com/f/Rt7Mk1kLpl 

Beach weekend with the Gibbs

Justin had winter break last weekend so we headed down to the beach. We had some friends go with us and it was such a good time! Duke and Keri have 3 kids so our kids had a blast playing with theirs! It was suuuuper cold, especially on the beach, so we did a lot of hanging out and eating and not a lot of beaching… The weather did cooperate a little bit and we were able to get on the beach one day for about an hour, and ride bikes another day which was really fun! We are so glad ya’ll came with us Gibbs! We loved spending the weekend with you guys!

Here are a few photos from the weekend :)
















Barrett Carrot

Justin started Hatcher Batcher pretty soon after H was born and it’s really stuck… Lots of people call him that actually! And Maddox, he loves it! He calls him that all the time, and tries to do other people’s names the same way…. So Dexter is Dexter Bexter, he’s Maddox Baddox, Alex from Madagascar is Alex Balex… Etc etc. After we found out Barrett was a boy, Maddox and I were talking about him and what he would be like and he got really excited and said “yeah and we can call him Barrett…uh?” Then he looked at me like, “where do I go from here, mom??” He always uses a B as the first letter for the second name, so he had no clue what to do with Barrett. I suggested Barrett Carrot and he loved that :) I got a good belly laugh for that one.. Three year olds are the best!


It’s a…


If you follow me on Instagram, or we’re Facebook friends, you might have already seen that we found out baby number three is another boy! We are so excited and feel honored that God has entrusted us with the responsibility of raising three boys into {hopefully} Godly men. I honestly thought that I would have been more disappointed with this baby being a boy, but I really wasn’t. I was super thankful that everything looked healthy and he was measuring perfect! And also, I’m really looking forward to the three boys in 3.5 years dynamic we will have going on… It will be crazy, I am confident of that, but also so much fun!

I’m not hating on anyone being sad that their baby wasn’t the gender that they were hoping for, but it felt pretty ungrateful for me to be upset that my healthy baby wasn’t a girl… So thats where I’m at right now. I am excited, thankful, and cannot wait to meet our little guy!

And! He has a name…

Barrett Brooks Mills

Barrett is just a name that i had heard and loved. We considered it when I was pregnant with Hatcher, but obviously didn’t go with it, so we’ve been hanging on to it ever since. We chose Brooks as the middle name after Justin’s mom… Her maiden name was Brooks :) We love the name and can’t wait to see what little Barrett is like and if he will look like either of his brothers! How crazy is it that he could come out and not look like either of them?!? Blows my mind!

Hurry up, July!!!!



Happy birthday Hatcher!

Happy birthday Hatcher! The first year of your life was such a blessing… You are the cutest and we have absolutely loved watching you grow. I thought Maddox’s first year went fast, but my gosh! This year flew! You have been the perfect addition to our family.. I am so thankful God chose your dad and I to be your parents :) I can’t wait for this year.. Watching you become a big brother and seeing more of your cute personality come out. It’s going to be so much fun! We had a great week of celebrating you.. Cupcakes with friends at chick fil a on your birthday, and small brunch on Saturday so your grandparents could celebrate you too :) I love everything about you and pray that you grow up knowing everyday that your parents think you hung the moon! Also, that you know and love God, and strive to show others Christ’s love in all that you do. Happy first birthday Hatcher Batcher!

We love you!!!

Mama & Daddy





Happy birthday Maddox!

Maddox turned 3 on January 6 and it honestly kind of felt like a joke… Like, there’s no way I’ve been a mom for 3 years! If you’re a young mom, I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times like me, “enjoy every minute… you’ll blink and they’ll be grown…” I never doubted what “they” said was true, but sometimes the days are just so long, it doesn’t feel like it will be fast…. Then Maddox turned three and I’m all like wait, what? It’s been 3 years?? Three isn’t that many (Maddox would disagree, because he is a BIG boy!) but it still sounds a lot longer than it feels….


Happy birthday bud!! I love being your mom! You make me so proud! This year has been the best watching you become a big brother, learning so many new words and exploring new things! Two years to three years was such a big transition…. When I look back at pictures you look like such a baby! You make me laugh all the time and I love hearing what’s going through that little head of yours 😊 I am so thankful for you and pray that you grow up to know and love Jesus. Thanks for making me a mom 3 years ago.. You’ve taught me so much about myself, and more importantly about God.. I love you Maddox Mills!



We had a little party and his two requests were ninja turtles and m&m’s… I told him I could make that happen! It was such a fun day and Maddox had the best time :) Here are a few pics from the party!









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