Potty training 

Hatcher is potty trained!!!! After over a year, we now only have ONE kid in diapers 🙌🏻  He actually has had it for a few months now, but I’m just getting around to documenting it. He is so different than Maddox I was honesty a little nervous about training him. Maddox  was super easy… A few days at home in underwear and he completely had it. Hatcher did take a little longer, but overall was really easy too! We had to take a break after a few days due to a stomach bug, but after the weekend back in diapers he was back in underwear Monday morning. That Monday was his worst day… I think it had more to do with  my expectations though.. He had already had 2 days in underwear and was making some progress so I kind of assumed he would pick back up where he left off.. He didn’t, but after a few accidents that day he was back on track and he’s only had an accident or two since then! I am so proud of Hatcher and also can’t really believe I have two kids old enough to use a toilet!!! 


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