Bear is seven months old and he has had quite the month… He figured out how to crawl and sit up and has totally mastered both… He’s everywhere! He hasn’t quite gotten it yet, but he is super close to being able to pull up too! This is definitely the earliest any of my kids have even attempted being mobile, and it’s fun, but Im also realizing how much I liked my extra two months of non-mobility ☺️. It really is so cool to see him figure it out though and it feels like he’s actually trying to keep up with his brothers! He interacts with them soo much! Lights up like a Christmas tree when Maddox even looks his way… Talk about melting your heart! LOVE! He’s doing great with his solids and gaining weight like a champ! At the dr Friday (2.5.16) he was 19lbs 10oz.. Up 2lbs 5oz since his 6 months well check last month 😳 At this rate, it won’t be long before he catches Hatcher!! We Love you sooo much Bear! You are so sweet and I love seeing your little personality develop more each month! Happy seven months! 

And now for the photos from our month 💙 
    Yoga baby 
  This face cracks me up!   
 This is how we shop. And we spend a decent amount of time in bathrooms 😜 



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