Hatcher is TWO! 

This kid y’all… He’s so much fun. He’s so different than Maddox… It’s crazy. His highs are higher and lows are lower.. He’s not much of a performer. So many days he’ll do something so cute and when Justin gets home I’ll ask him to do it for him and he just smiles.. I have loved seeing his little personality come out more and more. I think he’s gonna be a lot like Justin. Not very talkative, independent, but committed and loyal. He loves Maddox and wants to do everything he does. He also LOVES basketball and shoots the ball more than anything else. Every morning the first thing he says to me is either “daddy” or “shoot ball”, every time we leave the house he says, “bye ball, bye goal” and every night he tells his goal night night 😍😂 He’s sweet and tender hearted and so much fun to be around. I am thankful for every day (even the hard ones!) God has given me with Hatcher. He is truly my little sunshine and such a delight. I love you with all my heart Hatchy. I pray for you all the time. That I will train you in the way you should go, and that you won’t depart from it when you’re old. I pray that you’ll be a man that loves others, and Christ and serves Him with your whole heart. Happy second birthday precious boy. We love you forever!  



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