Happy birthday Maddox

I really want this post to be sweet and inspired and something Maddox looks back on with a perfect picture of how much we love him…. Honestly though, I am just at a total loss for words… Being a mom is such a privilege. One I intentionally work on not taking for granted. And Maddox, he makes being a mom so much fun! He also makes it a great challenge, but one I can honestly say I absolutely love. I can’t believe I have a four year old. Feels impossible that I have been a mom that long. And yet I can so easily go right back to the delivery room when I heard his cry for the first time… I can still feel that joy and love that exploded in my heart. To say I’m thankful doesn’t even scratch the surface. I pray I get to see Maddox celebrate many more birthdays, and that he continues to make me as proud in his years to come as he has these first four. I love you Maddox. Happy fourth birthday 😘 405751_772361569459_39803652_36894698_1515524683_n408896_772361789019_39803652_36894701_1601731778_n400345_772363111369_39803652_36894715_1630340883_nDSC_0766IMG_3644photo 520131006-163851.jpg20131211-102823.jpgphoto 320140506-110440.jpg20140706-141536-51336265.jpg20140813-093511-34511692.jpgIMG_4293IMG_3784IMG_9892IMG_9908IMG_7125IMG_6480IMG_2180IMG_3879IMG_3489LOVE you!! 


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