Six months. 

Bear is six months… Half a year. What in the world? I know I know, same story, different month. But for real each month, with each baby, has gone faster and faster!  Bear is still the happiest, sweetest little brother that we are all as in love with as ever! He is laid back, happy, rolling everywhere, trying to crawl (and is  actually really close!), super chunky, loves Maddox, baths, tickles, kisses, and a good make out sesh with Sophie the giraffe ☺️ We started solids Christmas Day. I think he’s been ready for a few weeks now.. He went from sleeping 7:30-8:00ish to 7:30-5:00ish, nurse and then back to sleep until 8:00. I was ok with picking that feeding back up because I wasn’t ready for solids yet, but it was time! So far it’s helped, but we haven’t completely dropped the feeding yet. To be fair though, we’ve been sick or out of town 13 out of the last 16 days….. 😷 so I haven’t been very diligent in helping him drop it. If he cries I feed him, if not we sleep…  Here are some photos from our month and Bears first Christmas!  



   Such a fun month with a whole lot of family time! love you Bear, and happy half birthday!  



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