Barrett is 5 months old, and just like every other month, this one flew right by too! He is still just as sweet as can be and so laid back. He is eating every 4 hours and doing great on that schedule. He has started waking up a little earlier in the mornings… He was sleeping until 8 or later (which was amazing!!), but now, for the last week and half or so, it’s more like 6. It’s not terrible though because he goes right back to sleep and eats fast… so it’s about 15 mins and I’m basically half asleep anyways :) He is so chunky and smiley. He has this crookedness to his grin that is absolutely adorable, and his eyes are flirty. He can now roll both ways and has a good time rolling all over the living room! He is really interacting and seeing him smile makes my heart soo happy. I feel so undeserving of these sweet kids God has given us. Here are some pics from our month :)  


  so relaxed 😂  

 I put him on the mat, looked down, looked back up and he was all the way over there!! 
   Happy 5 months Bear! Love you to the moon and back 😘 


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