A-hind and thank you 

These are my two favorite words/phrases the boys say right now. Hatcher is starting to talk more every day, and Maddox pretty much talks non-stop. A-hind is how Maddox says behind… “I’m right here mom, ahind the couch.” Justin noticed he said it like that and it’s our fav :) I will be really sad when he starts saying it correctly.   

 You are one cute and funny kid, Maddox… Gosh! LOVE you!  

Hatchers favorite thing to say is thank you. He literally says that more than anything else i think. I give him his food, “thank you”, Maddox hands him a toy, “thank you”, we go through a drive thru, “thank you”… And it’s soo adorable! Like seriously I wish I could bottle it up and keep it forever. Y’all, hatcher is gonna be a little heart breaker… He is just so stinking cute!

 I seriously have the most incredible kids… So so thankful! 


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