4 months

Four months with our sweet sweet Bear. He’s so great.. The perfect little brother. Happy and chunky and easy and chill and tolerant and smiley. We are all still crazy about him! He’s transitioning to eating every 4 hours instead of 3 and it’s incredible how different that feels.. One hour really makes a huge difference! We had a fun month… Celebrating Justins birthday, Halloween, football games, a trip to Atlanta, the pumpkin patch… It’s been a good one! He’s mastered rolling from front to back and tries going from back to front, but can’t quite get it. Honestly though, he doesn’t get a ton of time to practice unless I can stop what I’m doing to protect him from his crazy brothers :) I am so thankful. I still find myself not believing that I am really the mom to these boys, but am just so grateful for the privilege. To all the older ladies in the grocery store telling me to, “cherish these days”… I am! 100%. This job is so hard and yet so incredible and rewarding. I really do love it! 

Here are some photos from our month.  

   Funny story: I was cooking dinner and Maddox came into the kitchen and said, “mom, Bear was really cold so i covered him up with a blanket. He was sooo cold!” Looked over and saw this 😂😂 That’s a king sized blanket! 


And here are just a few examples of the tolerance I mentioned earlier…  








  Cracker crumbs dumped all over his face. And it was a good 20 mins before I discovered it 😳.




“it ain’t easy being the little bro….”

I love you so much Bear! Praying daily that you grow to be a strong, kind, Godly man. Happy four months sweet boy! 😘 



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