The fair 

Justin and I were so excited to take Maddox to the fair this year! He had a lot of fun last year, but we knew he’d have even more fun this year bc he was finally tall enough to ride most rides! We decided to leave the two little boys with Justin’s mom {thanks Kiki!} so we didn’t have to worry about pushing a stroller or taking nursing breaks.. I was a little sad because Hatcher really would have enjoyed it, but it was definitely the right call and so good to have some 2 on 1 time with Maddox. We went with one of Maddox’s favorite little friends so that was really fun for him too! 

When we got there we debated on how many tickets to purchase and finally decided on the largest ticket package… We got in and the first ride we saw was the carousel. We hopped on, thinking it’d be a good slow start…. About half way through Maddox started crying and I held him for the rest of the “ride”….. I got off and told Justin we may have overshot on the largest ticket package 😂 
 He did warm up though and rode a bunch of rides… As long as they weren’t too fast! He is so cute and I loved seeing him get so excited about everything… He kept saying, “Mom! Dad! Come look at this… You will not believe it!!!!” We saved our last tickets for the Ferris wheel which was my favorite! Such a good day with 2 out of my 4 fav boys :)    

 Wore these boys out!   


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