3 months

When I think about my favorite age for babies, 3 months is always kind of at the bottom of the list. They’re out of the snugly newborn stage, but they can’t do much yet. Reality is though, Bear is 3 months old and I am eating it up! He is so much fun y’all! Laughing and smiling and talking… All that and he can’t go anywhere! I can walk away and know he will be right where I left him when I get back :) What the heck am I thinking hating on the 3 month stage?! Maybe it’s my favorite? He’s not talking back or climbing or opening all the boxes of yogurt raisins or unrolling the toilet paper or peeing all over the toilet seat…. I could go on all day! I think I just forgot how sweet and easy this stage is. And Bear is exceptionally sweet and easy! Go with the flow, loves to be held, but is totally cool with laying on the play mat for 45 minutes talking to the toys too. He sleeps great, eats great.. Gosh we are just so in love with this little guy! His schedule is still basically the same. Eats every 3 hours during the day and sleeps about 11-12 hours at night. I can’t believe it’s already been 3 months, and yet it feels like he’s been here forever! Here are a bunch of photos from our month!  



 Cousin Nels :) 

    He likes sucking on his knuckles. Maddox and Hatcher did the same thing around this age… Didn’t stick for either of them, we’ll see if it does this time. 

  Birthday shopping buddy
   Cousin Millie {6 days apart}

Happy THREE months sweet sweet Bear. You are loved by so many and are the perfect little brother. So thankful for you and pray for you to grow up into a strong man of God. đŸ˜˜  
   We were at the dr last week for an ear infection, and he weighed in at 14lbs even :)


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