2 month stats

We had Bear’s two month well check up this week, and besides the shots it was great. The doctor was very pleased with everything and told me to “keep up the good work” Music to my ears! And especially encouraging when you have crazy boys running around the room the entire appointment! I really love our pediatrician… I feel like she takes her time and is very caring… The first thing she did when she walked in was ask Maddox how he was doing, and what it was like being a big brother again. Maddox told her before she left that he wanted to be a doctor just like her ☺️

Ok, now back to Bear’s stats: 

Weight: 13lbs 3oz – 68th %

Height: 22 3/4 inches – 30th %

So basically we have a compact chunk :) 

Thankful for yet again another healthy check up! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! 

Maddox at 2 months – 12lbs 4oz, 23 inches 

Hatcher at 2 months – 12lbs 8oz, 23 inches 

I can’t believe B is an ounce shy of being an entire pound bigger than Maddox was at this age…. So far he’s consistently been our biggest baby! We’ll see if he keeps it up :)


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