Football season

“Oh my gosh it’s back again….” {sung in your best Backstreet Boys voice 😁}. 

But for real, football season has officially started again!! I did my first game {scrimmage} with the three kids Friday, and it went surprisingly well… There are a few “kinks” in my system I need to work out, but I think it’s going to be a fun season. The older boys really enjoy being up at the school, and love watching daddy coach! 

The beginning of a season is always kind of a hard transition for me… Just getting used to Justin being back at work so much {and especially football, because we’re coming off summer hours!}.. That on top of transitioning to three kids has had its challenges, but we are getting there! My attitude isn’t always the best, but ultimately I am thankful for how hard Justin works for our family and the passion he has for the kids at JMA. Here’s to a great season and some fun Friday nights under the lights! Go Trojans πŸ’›πŸˆπŸ’™

And here’s a look back at how our family has changed throughout the seasons… 

Season 1: I was pregnant with Maddox and don’t have any photos…. 

Season 2: Maddox was 6-9months old      I remember thinking just bringing him was a lot…. My how things have changed. Ha!

Season 3: Maddox 1.5, and I was pregnant with Hatcher       

Season 4: Maddox 2.5, and Hatcher 6-9 months      And season 5: Maddox 3.5, Hatcher 1.5 and Bear 1 month. 




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