One month already? 

Time is so weird as a parent… It feels like days {and nights!} will never end some times! The monotony of the day to day tasks can be killer. Yet, at the same time, you turn around and your oldest is 3.5 and it’s like what the heck?! That’s my experience at least. All that to say, the last month with Bear has flown by!! I really can’t believe it’s already been a month. For as down and out as I was those first 10 or so days after the c section we’ve actually done quite a bit! Road trips to Atlanta for Gigi’s 60th birthday, and the beach for Mill’s family vacation! A stop in Savannah to meet my sisters little boy, Nelson, church a few times and lots of visitors here! I am so overwhelmed with all the love and support we have felt from friends and family, and am so thankful for our precious Bear! Here are a some {or a lot!} of photos from our first month! 

   Barrett Brooks Mills — July 2, 5:24pm, 7lbs 8oz, 19.5in 😍
 So in love 💙🐻   

 So serious

  Brotherly love   First time at church
  Gigi’s birthday party! 

    First bath 
 Our first moments together😍

  Cousin Nels  
     Being a month old sure is exhausting!  

I got a lot of stares when we’re out shopping! 

Dear Bear, 
We love you so much and think you are the perfect addition to our little family! Your brothers LOVE you.. A little too much at times {sorry!} and are so happy to have you as their little brother Bear. You have been such a good, laid back baby so far! You rode really well in the car, slept wherever we put you at the beach, and have generally been pretty go with the flow so far. Right now you are eating every 3 hours during the day and going anywhere from 4-7 hours at night. So on a typical day you eat at 7, 10, 1, 4, 7, 10 and then one time in the night anywhere between 2 and 5… (you’ve only made it to 5 two nights so far, but they were wonderful!!!!) it’s usually more like 3ish and then we start back over at 7 or so. I’m not sure how much you weigh, but you are definitely growing like a little weed! You have graduated to size 1 diapers and most of your 0-3 month clothes no longer swallow you up. You can still wear a lot of your newborn stuff too, but I am not really ok with how fast you’re growing! I am relishing every single one of these newborn days, knowing just how fast they go… I love you sweet boy. Happy one month!!  



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