Bear’s nursery. 

We’ve talked about using Bear as a nick name for Barrett since we picked the name, so I wanted to incorporate some bear things in his room. I didn’t want it to be over the top, or too theme-y though… I looked around on Pinterest and Etsy, decided on a few items and got to work :) 

I had this really awesome wood that I had bought at Lowes a long time ago and decided to use it for a simple white bear silhouette. I LOVE the way it turned out. I think it’s my favorite thing in his room :) It was a little harder than I anticipated, but definitely worth it!  

One of the other things I made was this little bear. 

   I don’t know much about water colors, but thought I’d at least try before buying it on Etsy. Mine wasn’t quite as cute as the etsy one, but I still liked it and I only had to pay a few bucks for the paint! Much cheaper! 

The yarn garland was a gift from my sister and I just love it! Thanks Sarah!  

 This wooden sign over the crib with his name on it is a piece of a palette I’ve been hanging on to for a while now. I knew I’d be able to find a good use for it :)  

 The initial flags over the window came from a shop I follow on Instagram, the printed palette. I had some flags with Hatcher’s initials in the same spot, loved them and really wanted some with B’s too. Hatchers were a gift from my sister in law and I couldn’t re-purchase the same ones, so I had to get these! I wasn’t sure I’d like them as much, but I am really happy with them! 

Pretty much everything else is leftovers from Hatcher’s room or things I stole from other parts of the house…. Minus the few B’s I got from Hobby Lobby :)

I’m so happy with the room and even more happy Bear is here to enjoy it! Since we got home from the beach he has been sleeping (like a champ, I might add!!) in his crib and it just makes me so happy…. Did I mention I am happy?! 😉 



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