Mills party of five

I am borderline annoying about family photos (ask Justin!), and with our kids as young as they are, along with the rate in which we keep having them, our photos are pretty quickly “out of date”. I was so excited to get some new photos at the beach with Bear in them! I mentioned in my last post about Justin’s cousins wife, Katelin, and her photography skills. I was so excited that she agreed to take some of our family and was so happy with how they turned out!! It stormed every evening, so we were kinda bummed that it was overcast, but she still did great and I was so happy she was able to capture this moment in life. We also did a photo shoot of just the kids one morning at sun rise and they turned out so so good too! Some of these are repeats from the last post, but they’re good enough to share twice :)  

    These are all of my kids first cousins and second cousins :) Hudson(18mos), Millie(2wks), Noah(5), Brookeyn(21mos), Hatcher(18mos), Barrett(3wks), Maddox(3.5), Haddon(18mos), Ellie Rose(2), Nora(6wks). 

 Thank you so so much Katelin!! So many framers and photos that I will cherish for a long time :) 


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