Mills family vacay

We just got back from a week at the beach with Justin’s family and it was so much fun!! Justin and I were pumped that Bear decided to come early so we could definitely go! We were so sad thinking about possibly having to miss the trip if B didn’t cooperate! The c section was kind of a curve ball, but it worked out well… There were a few times that I thought, “Am I really at the beach with my 2 week old?!” Honestly though he was the easiest one… If you have a tent and a stroller with a good shade, the younger the baby the better. He pretty much just slept the whole time… I am still pretty limited in what I am allowed to do and what I can do which was frustrating and hard at times, but overall it was a great trip! It was fun to hang out with Justin’s siblings and watch our kids play together! I had to refrain from sharing thousands of photos on Facebook and Instagram, but I will share some of my favs here :)    

 First time on the beach for Bear. Solly wrap was awesome :)   

      We have two boys that LOVE the birds!

  This was our makeshift tent one afternoon for Bear. We were only going for an hour or so and didn’t want to fool with a stroller or tent so justin came up with this brilliant plan :) He was shaded and could still feel the breeze! Perfect!   
  Maddox & Noah  

  Ice cream on Hatchers half birthday…. 18 months?!?!  
  We had some pretty bad afternoon storms. This was Maddox was using his telescope to check out the storm clouds that were rolling in ๐Ÿ˜‚
  ๐Ÿ˜  Noah (5), Brookelyn (21mo), Hatcher (18mo), Bear (3 wks), Maddox (3.5), Haddon (18mo) 

    Not pictured: Bear screaming his head off in my ear! Haha
  Headed home.. Worn out!   
The pictures that don’t look like they came from my iPhone, didn’t. Justin’s cousin Cannon is married to Katelin who has learned a lot about her camera and has gotten really good at taking pictures. We took the kids out at sunrise and she got these photos of them! They turned out so well! She did some more of just our family that i will post later :) 


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