I kind of feel like life with 3 kids hasn’t really started yet. I have been almost completely out of commission with my recovery, and my mom has been living with us since B arrived. The boys are in heaven with Gigi here, and it has been the biggest blessing to be able to really focus on my recovery and get some good rest! With that being said, the boys have been doing amazing with the adjustment of having Barrett at home. I might be telling a different story when Gigi goes home and it really sinks in, but for now, we are all loving it! Maddox loves him and really understands he was the baby in my belly and that B is his brother. He asks to hold him a pretty good bit and is actually really sweet when he does! Hatcher, on the other hand doesn’t get it at all. He will see him on the couch and smile so big and try to touch him and say baby {sort of}, but he doesn’t understand. We taught him to kiss my belly when I was pregnant and the other morning I had my shirt lifted a little bit and you could see my belly button and he came over and gave it a big kiss!! :) I am so excited to start feeling better and really be able to be the mom to my three boys… They are all so amazing and I just feel blessed beyond words to have 3 healthy babies. I’m blaming it on my medication + post partum hormones, but I’m kind of a blubbering mess when I really reflect on His goodness to Justin and me.. We do not deserve it. 

I can’t wait to watch these boys grow up together.. Justin and I have both commented on how happy we are to have three boys and seeing their relationships grow. Here are a few pics of Barrett with his brothers :) 

   This was our conversation about if i got the c section or not. As soon as he got to the hospital he asked me, “mom did Barrett flip or did you have to get the stitches?” When I told him he didn’t turn he looked so disappointed for me. He asked me almost every day from 36-38 weeks if Barrett had flipped yet.. He has the sweetest heart 😍

And here’s Barrett’s reaction to learning he was the 3rd of 3 boys…  

  “So I’m third?” 




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