By the end of the summer last year Maddox got pretty decent at swimming… He forgot everything when summer was over, but is picking it back up quickly! We are so blessed with a pool at Justin’s parents house, and also Steffi, a girl in our neighborhood, that invites us to swim a lot! He would definitely drown in a pool with no supervision, but he sort of gets it… He wears a puddle jumper 95% of the time and does fantastic with that, but is getting better and better without it too. We are doing swim lessons this week and I’m hoping those help and he gets even better! We will see :) One things for sure… He is fearless! Here are a few videos and one photo of him swimming this summer!  

      As far as Hatcher is concerned, he went from being happy and content sitting and splashing on the stairs, to a little fish… jumping off the side, going completely under, blowing bubbles and loving every minute, basically overnight … No more sitting on the side and relaxing {at all!!} at the pool for me! I don’t have videos of him because I have to be in the water the whole time, but here’s one photo of him and his buddy James :)



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