Moving on… 

To the third trimester 😊 I can’t believe we are only 3 months {yesterday} from meeting Barrett! This pregnancy has been a little different…. I feel like with each one, my symptoms have gotten just a little more intense. I’m still generally feeling well, just a little more tired, and achy than I have in the past… And the heartburn starts earlier every time… It could just be that I have a lot more going on and not as much time to relax with each pregnancy, but either way I am thankful for nothing too extreme keeping me from day to day activities. Some days, 13 weeks feels like nothing, and others I feel like my due date will never be here! Come July though, I know I’ll be all “Where the heck did the last 3 months go?!?” Mostly, I can’t wait to meet this little boy inside me. 

You have some crazy brothers that are certainly excited for your arrival too Mr. Barrett.. Maddox asks a lot if you’re coming out tomorrow, and his number one question is if you’ll be naked… Ha!! Hatcher learned to give you kisses this week and any time he hears your name wants to see my belly and give it a kiss. It’s so cute and he gets so proud of himself after each kiss! We all love you little guy 😘



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