“Please” and “all done” are really the only two baby signs we ended up doing with Maddox.. I attempted “more”, but he never really got that one so we didn’t force it… I can’t remember when he learned either, but I’ve been working on both with Hatcher… He just stares at me every time though and hasn’t ever done anything back. He is pretty stingy with his tricks… Except for clapping. He will clap/cheer any time you ask :) You might as well forget it with waving, saying pretty much anything, walking… He’s just not into it! Not much of a performer… Can’t say I blame him! Last night though at dinner I asked him to “say please” and he just did it! For nothing, just like that..  I was so proud of him and excited he did it again when I got my phone out! I think Hatcher’s going to be one of those kids that just does things on his own time… Whether everyone’s doing it or not :) Love that kid! Here’s the video.. http://instagram.com/p/0LgvGUgQVW/


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