Barrett Carrot

Justin started Hatcher Batcher pretty soon after H was born and it’s really stuck… Lots of people call him that actually! And Maddox, he loves it! He calls him that all the time, and tries to do other people’s names the same way…. So Dexter is Dexter Bexter, he’s Maddox Baddox, Alex from Madagascar is Alex Balex… Etc etc. After we found out Barrett was a boy, Maddox and I were talking about him and what he would be like and he got really excited and said “yeah and we can call him Barrett…uh?” Then he looked at me like, “where do I go from here, mom??” He always uses a B as the first letter for the second name, so he had no clue what to do with Barrett. I suggested Barrett Carrot and he loved that :) I got a good belly laugh for that one.. Three year olds are the best!



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