It’s a…


If you follow me on Instagram, or we’re Facebook friends, you might have already seen that we found out baby number three is another boy! We are so excited and feel honored that God has entrusted us with the responsibility of raising three boys into {hopefully} Godly men. I honestly thought that I would have been more disappointed with this baby being a boy, but I really wasn’t. I was super thankful that everything looked healthy and he was measuring perfect! And also, I’m really looking forward to the three boys in 3.5 years dynamic we will have going on… It will be crazy, I am confident of that, but also so much fun!

I’m not hating on anyone being sad that their baby wasn’t the gender that they were hoping for, but it felt pretty ungrateful for me to be upset that my healthy baby wasn’t a girl… So thats where I’m at right now. I am excited, thankful, and cannot wait to meet our little guy!

And! He has a name…

Barrett Brooks Mills

Barrett is just a name that i had heard and loved. We considered it when I was pregnant with Hatcher, but obviously didn’t go with it, so we’ve been hanging on to it ever since. We chose Brooks as the middle name after Justin’s mom… Her maiden name was Brooks :) We love the name and can’t wait to see what little Barrett is like and if he will look like either of his brothers! How crazy is it that he could come out and not look like either of them?!? Blows my mind!

Hurry up, July!!!!




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