Happy birthday Maddox!

Maddox turned 3 on January 6 and it honestly kind of felt like a joke… Like, there’s no way I’ve been a mom for 3 years! If you’re a young mom, I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times like me, “enjoy every minute… you’ll blink and they’ll be grown…” I never doubted what “they” said was true, but sometimes the days are just so long, it doesn’t feel like it will be fast…. Then Maddox turned three and I’m all like wait, what? It’s been 3 years?? Three isn’t that many (Maddox would disagree, because he is a BIG boy!) but it still sounds a lot longer than it feels….


Happy birthday bud!! I love being your mom! You make me so proud! This year has been the best watching you become a big brother, learning so many new words and exploring new things! Two years to three years was such a big transition…. When I look back at pictures you look like such a baby! You make me laugh all the time and I love hearing what’s going through that little head of yours 😊 I am so thankful for you and pray that you grow up to know and love Jesus. Thanks for making me a mom 3 years ago.. You’ve taught me so much about myself, and more importantly about God.. I love you Maddox Mills!



We had a little party and his two requests were ninja turtles and m&m’s… I told him I could make that happen! It was such a fun day and Maddox had the best time :) Here are a few pics from the party!









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