Here we go again….

So, I’m pregnant :)

We are so excited and thankful for this third little baby that will join our family in July! I’m due July 16, which makes me 16 weeks Thursday. This pregnancy is flying by!!! I felt pretty sick the first trimester, so it drug a little at the beginning, but now I can’t believe I’m already almost half way done! Insane!

Maddox gets it way more this time and can’t wait for the baby to get bigger so it can come out and he can ride in the back seat of the van… Priorities! No really though, he does get it a lot more this time around…. My belly is starting to show, but I think once I get obviously pregnant he will be asking a lot more questions about what’s going on in there. Hatcher on the other hand has no clue…. 😁

So far I am feeling super excited and anxious to know about this little person! Like I said, I was decently sick the first trimester… Never threw up, but the sickest I’ve ever felt pregnant. I weaned Hatcher around 10 weeks and that helped a ton! Since about 13 weeks though I’ve felt way better, and now just mainly have a hard time deciding what I want to eat…. Usually I land on pizza!!! I have just started feeling random flutters… Sometimes it’s hard to be sure if it’s actually the baby, but there have definitely been times where I knew!! So fun.. Can’t wait for the bigger kicks! Everyone, and I mean everyone asks me if I want this one to be a girl…. And to be 100% honest, yes. I really hope God gives us a daughter.. However, I think, Lord willing that we want 4 kids… So if this ones a boy, bring it on! I have absolutely loved having boys and will be so excited to add another boy to the mix! I trust God knows what’s best for our family and just pray we have a healthy baby :) a little cliche, but that’s my answer… For the inquiring minds out there!

Can’t wait to meet you little one! You are so loved already… Hurry up, summer!

Here are a few of the pregnancy pics so far…








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