10, 11 & 12 months

So Hatcher’s already a year old, but I never did posts for 10, 11 or 12 months so here they are…. All in one big post. It was a crazy an fun couple of months. We found out early November that I was pregnant and that Hatcher would be a big brother! He had his first Thanksgiving and Christmas, we celebrated Justin’s birthday, we got to see all of our immediate family on both sides… We had some really good times!

Hatcher is doing great! He rarely spits up
anymore.. Still probably more than the average one year old, but overall, it’s waaay less! He seems to be getting bigger too! He is a super fast crawler now and obsessed with our stairs. He pulls up on anything but seems to have no interest at all in walking. He sleeps so well and is generally really happy! He is tough too… He doesn’t have much of a choice with his rambunctious older brother, but he surprises us daily with what he takes!! I’m talking completely busting and hitting his head and then just sitting up looking around like nothing happened.. It seriously shocks me! He has 7 teeth now! Four up top (two that JUST popped through) and three on the bottom. His three bottom ones look pretty funny, but that fourth one is no where to be found :) As far as talking, he says uh oh, has just started saying bye bye, and will sometimes say dada… No mama.. Not even once, but he makes up for not saying mama by being completely attached to me. He is a mama’s boy, that Hatcher! And I can’t say I hate it :) He is completely weaned and eats table food like a champ.. He will seriously eat just about anything I put in front of him and also likes drinking whole milk now! I was worried he would be a harder one to wean because he seemed pretty attached, but it was about as easy as it gets.. I wouldn’t have weaned so early except with being pregnant and breastfeeding I felt absolutely terrible the entire month I tried… It took everything, and then some, out of me and I just had to stop! I was super thankful for the smooth transition.

Whew that was a lot of info… I kinda feel like I just dumped my thoughts on the page and they’re not organized at all, but that’s what happens when you fall 3 months behind and try to catch up when you can’t sleep and it’s midnight….

I love you Hatcher and am so proud to be your mom! You make me smile every day and make my heart happier than I knew possible! I am so thankful I get to be your mom, and love you more than you will ever know!!! Happy ten months, eleven months, and one year!

Here are some (ok a lot!) photos from our month





























Love you Batcher… So thankful to have known you for a year and I pray we get a whole bunch more to continue to see you grow 😘


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