Poison control

I sorta feel like having to call poison control is one of those badges of honor {dishonor??} in motherhood… Like, “Yep, I just called poison control… I’m officially knee deep is this mom thing” ☺️

My first and only call {so far} happened a few months ago… We were 2 or 3 days into potty training with Maddox and it was the day Hatcher turned 7 months old. H woke up from his nap… I changed his dirty diaper, put on the outfit I wanted him to wear and we went out to the front porch so I could take his seven month photos! Maddox came out with us and after a few minutes said, “mom I gotta poop… I’ll be right back.” Umm yeah right Maddox… I snapped maybe 3 more photos of Hatcher, scooped him up and we went back inside to tend to Maddox. I sat Hatcher on the floor and made my way to the bathroom where Maddox was trying as hard as he could to poop so that he could get a sucker!! I’m sitting on the floor with him when I look out and see Hatcher with what I assumed was spit up all over him…. As I got closer I quickly realized it was not in fact spit up, but poop! POOP!!!!! And that’s when I started freaking out!!

Why are you eating poop?
Why is there poop on the floor??
Who’s poop is this?
Omg! This is so disgusting!!!!!!!
Maddox did you poop on the floor???

To which he answered, “Yes! I pooped on the floor mom.” What?!? I grabbed Hatcher, raked all the poop I could out of his mouth, stripped him down, and threw him in the tub. Freaking. out!!

Got him cleaned up, got the floor cleaned up and then saw the diaper that, in my rush to get outside for photos, I hadn’t thrown away.. So then I realized he was eating his own poop and not Maddox’s! Still disgusting, and I was still freaking out. I called my mom and embarrassingly explained the situation… She suggested I call poison control… I really didn’t want to!! I was so embarrassed!! But I did… And guess what? You can eat your own poop and it won’t make you sick…. Is that the grossest thing you’ve heard all day? I’m just going to go ahead and assume it is…

Annnd that was my first poison control call… Anyone else want to share their experiences!?! 😁



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