Highpoint boys

I mentioned when I was pregnant with Hatcher that I had a lot of friends/family members that were pregnant at the same time… We had 5 babies born within a month {4 born is 12 days!!} Two cousins, Winnie & Haddon, one second cousin, Hudson {I’m really not sure what him and Hatcher are actually… Justin and his mom are first cousins so whatever that makes them…} and a neighborhood buddy, James. Not to mention other babies at church and in the family born too… Its pretty crazy! Winnie and Haddon live far away so we don’t get to see them nearly as much as we wish we could, but Hudson and James live in our neighborhood and we see them a lot! It is so fun to watch them interact with each other and I seriously cannot wait to see these boys grow up together! Ya know how when you first get married and you have to try and find couple friends that you and your husband both like? You kinda have to go through that again when you have kids… You have to find a network of moms that have kids around your kids age, and that you and your kids get along with well and like :) Im so thankful for these sweet boys and the friendships I have with their moms! I hope that they love each other and are best buds in the future!





IMG_1679.JPG{Hudson, James, & Hatcher}

Love you boys… All three of you! 😘


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