Hatcher is starting to interact with us so much more lately and seeing his relationship with Maddox really start to develop is quite simply the best.

For example the other day at Kroger we saw their pumpkin display that Maddox was super excited about.. we got closer to them and he put his arm around Hatcher and said, “look at all the pumpkins, Hatcher.” Or when I when I walk into a room with Hatcher on my hip and Maddox lights up and says, “Hey Hatcher Batcher! Did you have a good nap bud?” Or every single night at bed time when he begs to get into Hatcher’s crib with him for just a minute…. It’s so sweet..

Don’t get me wrong though… Maddox is by no means the perfect big brother. He already knows that when Hatchers upset if he growls at him, he cries harder. And sharing… Well let’s just say we’re working on sharing… We’ve got some work to do in that department 😊 The little glimpses of love and kindness towards Hatcher I do see though make me so hopeful for the future.. I want my kids to value their relationship with their siblings above all other friendships. I’m so excited about the coming months and seeing these brothers interact even more! I love you Maddox and Hatcher and pray your relationship with each other is full of love, kindness and laughter






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