Twenty eight

I’m twenty eight! I know that’s not old… But it SOUNDS old… To me at least. Like when I used to see a 28 year old with two kids I would think, “wow that girl is old and must be so mature”…. Now, I am that girl and I’m just waiting on the old and mature thing to kick in…. No but for real, I do not feel old enough to say I’m 28 and a mom of two! 😳

Anyhow, I had such a fun weekend celebrating my birthday! Friday night some girls took me out to eat and we had such a good time! There are some really fun girls in my neighborhood that I’ve gotten close to, and we just ate and visited and it was such a good time! Thanks for a fun night girls!

Saturday, Justin took one for the team and we went to Six Flags… I LOVE roller coasters and have been saying for years how much I would love to go to Six Flags! He told me over and over again he liked roller coasters and he was excited, but when he got car sick on the way to the park I thought, “oh geez… He might not like this idea as much as he’s letting on.” 😊 He was definitely a little queasy, but had such a good attitude and we had the best time! It was fun to be together just the two of us all day, with no kids, and be kids ourselves! If I’m honest I was just a little worried that I would be too old for the roller coasters and they wouldn’t be as much fun as I remembered, but I was wrong….. Seriously, I had the best time!

After the park we had dinner and then went back to my parents for cake! Shout out to my dad who totally stepped up and babysat both kids for a few hours by himself while my mom worked a wedding! Thanks soooo much dad! My mom made a really delicious chocolate fudge cake and we ate that and then crashed!!!

Sunday we did church and lunch out with the Dowlings to wrap up the celebrations!

Such a fun weekend and I felt so celebrated. Thank you to everyone for the love and birthday wishes! I think it’s gonna be a good year πŸ˜„













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