Hatcher update #3

Hatcher’s been on his new medicine for a week now. {Only one of the two that the doctor prescribed actually, because even after 3 trips to the dang pharmacy they STILL haven’t gotten the other one…} Either way though, he’s been doing so much better! The spit up hasn’t completely stopped, but I feel like he is way closer to “normal” than he was. He’s gone from spitting up 40+ times a day to maybe 5-10 times a day… Ya know when you’re in the middle of something and you know it’s hard, but don’t really realize how hard? That’s how this whole situation has been. I knew it was a lot… I was soooo tired of cleaning up spit up and making sure to bring burp cloths and extra clothes with me everywhere I went, but it was also the norm… He had been a bad spitter since day one. It’s only now, when I make it through an entire trip to wal-mart without cleaning up a single puddle, or he {or I} wears the same shirt all day that I realize just how bad it really was… More than the annoying-ness though, I am so so thankful that he’s fattening up and gaining weight!
I love you so much Hatcher. You are such a delight and just get cuter by the day… I thank God so much that you are mine and that you’re healthy and happy.. You have been the perfect addition to our family!


Thanks again for all the calls, messages and prayers for our sweet Hatcher.. It means more to us than you know 😊


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