Potty training.

We’re a week and a half into potty training and after a major set-back last weekend {diarrhea 😝}, we’re back on track and it is going really well!

Maddox totally gets it… He does a fantastic job telling me when he has to go and has had very few accidents… Minus the one night we had all the tummy troubles… Which was by the way my roughest night of motherhood to date… Just to paint you a picture of the scene–we were at an out of town football game, it was 700 degrees outside, Maddox was sick, the air conditioned bathroom was out of order, we were in a teeny tiny stall that was even hotter than outside, and his hiney was as red and raw as a hiney can be… He was hysterical, scared he was gonna fall into the big toilet and so sad that he kept having accidents.. I brought multiple pull ups, a few diapers that were already in the bag and 5 or 6 diapers for Hatcher…. By half time I was down to only Hatcher’s diapers…… It was rough…

Anyhow, after a weekend exclusively in pull ups we started back in underwear Monday morning and he went right back to doing pretty much all his business in the potty 😊 Even with a road trip to and from Atlanta, no accidents! To say I’m proud of him is an understatement! Way to go Mads.. You rock!

IMG_4333.JPG Treat after his first poop in the potty!!



Not to mention, his hiney in big boy underwear is seriously THE cutest!


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