Hatcher update #2

We had Hatcher’s appointment with the gastroenterologist this morning and it went really well.. We really liked the doctor and were glad to be able to see a specialist to try and get some answers.

He thinks it’s definitely just reflux as opposed to a structural issue and prescribed some different medications (kinds that promote quicker digestion, rather than just reducing acid). I’m supposed to call back in two weeks and report on how it’s going and see if we need to do anything else. I wasn’t crazy about putting him on more medication, but in the words of the doctor, “97% of kids grow out of reflux, 0% grow out of it, if they don’t grow….” Good point doc, good point 😉
He’s been doing a little better the last couple of weeks and has gained 1lb 1oz since August 14, which was super encouraging. That’s more than he’s gained in 2.5 months! We are so thankful for Hatcher’s health and are glad to be moving in the right direction…
Thank you all so much for checking up on us. We appreciate it so much!

Little guy, big potential… with some spit up because that’s life right now….


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