This is for boys mom…

Curious Mr. Maddox watches my every move throughout the day and often wants to do exactly what I’m doing… Including, but not limited to wearing make up, earrings, blow drying his hair, putting on deodorant, painting his toe nails, etc… We’ve been talking a lot lately about how there are some things only boys do and some things only girls do. He knows he’s a boy and I’m a girl so he understands it… He still thinks he can have a baby in his belly though so he doesn’t totally get it, but we’re getting there….
Yesterday we were in my bathroom and he went under the sink and pulled the drain-o out. I told him it wasn’t a toy and to put it back. He looked up at me and said. “No mom, this is for boys…” Soooo, then we had a conversation about grown ups and kids. Always keeping me on my toes that Maddox.





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