Two and a half

Dear Maddox,

I cannot believe you are already two and a half! I love you so much and am so so thankful for the little person you are.
You are hilarious and make daddy and I laugh all the time! You love to sing, love to play outside, love when you have an audience {you didn’t get that from me or your daddy!!!} and love Hatcher! It’s so cute to me when you play with Hatcher or ask about him when he’s not with us. Your heart is tender and sweet and getting to know you, and hear your thoughts as you talk more and more is so great. Just last night you were telling me about the button on the garage and using your little hands to explain yourself and it was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Daddy and I were both just grinning ear to ear.

I thank God so much for the time we’ve had with you and pray we get many more years to watch you grow! I pray for you all the time, that you grow up to be a man of God and share Christ with others!

We went on a little celebratory date today, just you and me, for your half birthday. A bike ride to eat frozen yogurt and play on a play ground 😊 I really have so much fun being your mom and am thankful that you’re the one that made me a mom. I love you x a million and hope you alllllllways remember that!

Happy half birthday Maddox!!!




**apparently Maddox only has one go to silly face……. 😚


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