Four months

I’m just going to go ahead and get this out of the way…. It feels impossible that Hatcher is FOUR months old. Impossible! I said it every month with Maddox and thought maybe I wouldn’t be so surprised this time around, but I am. Every month!

Anyways it’s been a great month! Hatcher has stretched out to eating every 4 hours now and it’s amazing how much that changes things.. It’s only one hour, but i feel like i have so much more time! He eats at 8, 12, 4, and 7:30 and is in bed by 8pm. He takes two solid naps.. about 1-2 hours in the morning, 3 hours in the afternoons, and then usually about a 30-45 minuter in the evening. He is smiling and laughing a ton, and sucking his thumb/fingers all the time. He’s the cutest thing and we are really enjoying seeing him get a little personality. So far, from what we can tell he is a laid back, happy little four month old that we are all crazy about. He had his well check this morning and weighed in at 14lbs 8oz, and 24 inches tall… 45th percentile for both :) Doctor said he looked great and was a healthy little peanut. So thankful!

I love you Hatcher. Happy four months old 😘 here are a few of my fav photos from this month..













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