Bathing boys

Maddox has a love/hate relationship with the bath! He will love it for a few months and then all of a sudden absolutely hate it, then he’s back to loving it again… It’s really strange… Like someone’s flipping a switch. We’ve never been able to figure out exactly what changes, but he is very passionate about his feelings towards bath time. It’s either a fight to get him in or a fight to get him out… He’s loving it right now though, so I snapped a few photos of him last night.


He thought this hairstyle was hilarious :)

As for Hatcher, he has loved bath time so far.. {Except for his bath at the hospital. I didn’t see it, but he apparently hated it…} He does some of his best “talking” and smiling in there, and has just recently started kicking his legs like crazy. He is really serious about the kicking and I think it is THE cutest :) The lighting in our bathroom is seriously perfect, and I just can’t resist photographing him in the tub…


This video too.. Gah he’s cute!

I can’t wait until they can bathe together but Maddox is a little too crazy for Hatcher right now. I’m honestly a little scared to try it… I need to give Hatcher a minute to be able to fend for himself in there :)


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