Stall tactics..

Maddox is really good, and has been for quite some time, at stalling bed time. His first attempts included asking for applesauce, or a cup of water. Every night for a solid couple of months, Justin or I would be leaving his bedroom and he would say, “mama {or daddy}, applesauce?” Now he can pronounce applesauce correctly, but when he first started trying to say it, it came out as “dappa-daw”. It was my favorite word :) It made me laugh almost every time! He’s talking so well these days.. I really miss the words he used to mis-pronounce!

Anyways, his two most recent requests as soon as we say time for bed, are to sit on the couch, and/or give Hatcher a kiss. The couch thing is funny, but the fact that he wants to kiss Hatcher, and that he does it so gently, is the sweetest. I know 100% that he is manipulating me and putting off the inevitable, but I just can’t say no to a sweet kiss for his little brother… Just can’t!




Maddox, I think you’re the best big brother, and it makes my heart smile so big to see you love Hatcher 😍


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