Maddox’s music…

He’s obsessed… He really does have a serious fascination with all things music.. Microphones, singing, guitars, pianos etc.. He can often be found holding his guitar standing in front of his microphone singing at the top of his lungs… I was watching a recorded episode of American idol the other day and he watched the whole thing with me… His only request was that everyone played guitar.. He asked, “where’s geetar at?” when a contestant performed without one.. He also has a very strong opinion about the music in the car. He announces every song he likes and asks for the volume to be turned up a lot.. Some of his favorite songs are anything Chris Tomlin {he knows the whole Burning Lights CD, but even if a song that’s not on that CD comes on the radio he almost always says he likes it!}, 10,000 reasons, and this song. He also likes Taylor Swift which I think is hilarious!!

It is seriously cute to see him try to figure out songs and I am quickly becoming his human juke box.. Most requested songs are “clap hands song” aka If You’re Happy & You Know It, the “Holy Song” aka We Fall Down, “hug neck song” aka A Bushel & a Peck, and “Jesus lubs me”… He is recently starting to try and sing along but is consistently about 1 word behind.. It’s really cute though and makes me want to cry when I hear his sweet little voice singing “Holy, Holy, Holy” as we’re riding down the road.
I really hope he has some talent to back up this passion… I don’t want to have to break his heart if he can’t carry a tune :)


Check this for just a glimpse of what we’re working with :) I mean come on Maddox.. I love your little two year old self!


One Reply to “Maddox’s music…”

  1. I finally caught up on your precious blog!! I’m so glad you do this mags. It’s so sweet/fun/makes me feel like i’m in your life on the daily!! You are such a pretty mama and I can’t wait to meet little hatcher. xoxoxoxo

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