Two months.

Hatcher is two months old! Well, actually he’s 10 weeks, but I wanted to wait until his 2 month well check before I posted an update… I feel kinda like he’s always been part of our family, and then at the same time, can’t even really believe that it’s already been 10 weeks!!!!

Its been a big month… We ventured out a lot with road trips to Savannah for a wedding shower, Atlanta to meet all his cousins on my side, and first time at the beach for spring break! The weather has been a lot nicer also, so we’ve taken lots of walks around the neighborhood :)

We saw the doctor today and got a perfect report! I am so thankful for my boys’ health and pray that I never take it for granted. He weighed in at 12lbs 8oz and measured 23 inches. The doctor was pleased with his weight gain and said everything looked great! Such awesome news to this mama :) We still have a great routine going on and are officially {starting about 2 weeks ago} sleeping all night! He wakes up anywhere between 6:30-7:30am for his first feeding, and then eats every 3 hours after that… So about 10am, 1pm, 4:30pm {I almost always have to wake him up for this feeding so I do anywhere between 4 and 5, just depending on what is going on that day} and 7:30 or 8pm. He goes down for the night after that feeding and we start over the next day! He stays awake for about 30 minutes after each feeding, playing, talking and smiling and then goes back down for a nap until it’s time to eat again. Please know that every day does not go that perfect… Some days his naps are not as good as others, and there are nights when I’m up at 3am putting a pacifier in his mouth… We don’t have a perfect baby by any means, but I am beyond thankful for Hatcher’s go with the flow attitude, and happy spirit!

Here are a few pictures from our fun filled month!










Dear Hatcher,

I love you so much! You are so adorable and bring all of us so much joy with your sweet smile and content attitude. I have absolutely cherished the last 10 weeks God has given us with you… Your smiles make my heart sing, and there are days I wish I could just sit and hold you all day :) I’m still pretty much obsessed with your cute little nose, and have a lot of people comment on your pretty blue eyes, serious eyebrows, and all your rolls :) I hope you always know how much we love you… Happy two months booger! Mama loves you, Daddy loves you, Maddox loves you and Jesus loves you!!



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