Hatcher’s birth story..

It’s only taken almost 6 weeks for me to get this post written, but hey! I did it, and that’s what really matters, right?

First of all, I really can’t believe the Lord has blessed Justin and me with two beautiful, healthy children! I am thankful beyond words and can’t explain the love that I have in my heart for those two people… Maddox and Hatcher :)

Here are the details on Hatcher’s birthday..

It started on Monday at my 38 week appointment. I was technically 38 weeks 5 days, but because of holidays I was a few days behind on my appointments.. It was the first time they checked me and I was 3cm 50% effaced! Hatcher was really low and the doctor told me it wouldn’t be long.. Her exact words, “you’re sittin on ready”.. She said she wanted to see me back Wednesday morning and that she would check me again and strip my membranes to see if that would help anything along.. I was so pumped!

I had been having Braxton hicks contractions for a solid two months, but I about drove myself crazy all day. I over analyzed every single little thing I felt wondering if that was “it”. Needless to say, nothing! I went to bed with 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 on my heart trying soo hard to “rejoice always”!


My appointment was at 9:50. Maddox and I got up, got ready and headed to the doctor.. Can’t remember how many times he said “baby hapeet” :)

Last belly shot!

10:15: Left the doctors office at 6cm, not in labor, not having contractions {didn’t even know that was possible} but with strict instructions to head to the hospital the minute I started feeling anything.

10:40: Got to John Milledge to tell Justin. We both got excited, but I still wasn’t feeling anything, so I kept telling him I really wasn’t sure!

11:00: Felt my first contraction. I couldn’t tell if it was real or Braxton hicks, but I decided to head home and finish packing my bag, just in case.

11:10: Got back home, straightened up some, and finished packing my bag.. Had more contractions.. Still nothing to stop me from what I was doing, but I definitely took note of each one.

11:15: contraction…

11:22: another one..

11:27: and another one. Still wasn’t in pain, but 5 in a row was enough for me to make the call that we needed to go to the hospital..

11:47: i texted justin.
Me: “I’m packing my stuff… I think we need to go”
Justin: “Fo real?”

12:30: We left Maddox at the school doing PE with two teachers at John Milledge {seriously one of his favorite things to do!}

1:30: Finally got into a room and hooked up to some monitors. The check-in process changed since I had Maddox, and I felt like took a lot longer… I was really thankful my contractions were still pretty mild at that point.

I got checked pretty soon after getting into my room and was still 6cm, rating my pain level at a 3-4 on a scale 1-10.. When she checked me it got things going though and everything started moving right along… Quickly!

2:00: Got checked again and was 7cm.. Making progress and the pain was picking up… I was still talking on the phone to people and texting friends/family letting them know though.. I think I moved myself to a 5.5 on the pain scale.

2:30ish-3:30ish: Worst pain of my life…. Contractions picked up in intensity and length. And the time between was shorter and shorter! I got an IV during this hour and tried my best to relax and breath.. I wasn’t screaming or yelling, but I remember telling Justin multiple times how bad it “freakin sucked” and how “I couldn’t handle it for one more second”. My mom got there at some point during this hour and helped me through the contractions… Justin was a great support and let me basically break his hand for an hour, but it was nice to have someone that knew exactly what I was going through too.

3:45: Got checked again and was 9, water was about to break.. I had contemplated the whole pregnancy doing natural labor and I’d made it so far without the drugs, but fear took over and I was so afraid to push him out. It took me 45 minutes to push Maddox out and I just knew I couldn’t handle that many more contractions along with the pain of pushing him out. I was scaaared! “I begged for them to please not break my water and requested the epidural if there was still time..

4:40: Epidural in, and the doctor was on her way to check me again.

4:45: Doctor checked me, I was still at 9. She broke my water and I immediately went to 10. She turned to the nurses telling them to get ready and they all jumped into gear.. It was time to push!

4:50: First push.
I pushed 3 times during the first contraction and 1 time during the second contraction and he was here… So fast :) I couldn’t believe it!

4:55: Hatcher Phillip came into the world pink and screaming! They let me do skin to skin immediately and it was seriously the coolest thing. Hatcher was screaming screaming, they put him on my chest and he was immediately quiet… Literally snoring within seconds!




It was such an amazing day! I experienced pain like I can’t explain and joy like I can’t explain all in a matter of hours! I am seriously blown away by God’s goodness and so thankful to Him for such a smooth delivery and perfect little boy :) I love you Hatcher.. I will never forget your birthday!


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