How is Maddox handling life with a baby brother?

I hear that question probably more than any other… Well besides, “is he a good baby?” which I think is kind of a dumb question {sorry!}, but for real does anyone answer no to that question?? I’m pretty sure every new mom thinks her baby is the cutest, sweetest, best baby on the planet… So yes he’s a good baby :)

As far as how Maddox is handling it, I can honestly say he’s doing great! We’re only four weeks in, so for the most part it’s still fun and new, but he really is handling it very well. He loves his “bay-hatcher” {it’s basically one word when he says it :)} and enjoys helping me… Sometimes a little too much :) He wants to hold “it” all the time, touch his shirt {?} and kiss his head as much as I’ll let him. He tells me when he thinks he needs to drink milk, and is happiest when H has his pappy and lovie.. It really is sweet to see him be a big brother! He has had his moments of complete unawareness of his body/extremities where I’ve had to remind him how fragile Hatcher is, and has definitely taken advantage of nursing time… He knows I’m not as quick to the draw when Hatcher’s eating so there have been a few things we’ve had to work on in that department.
I so look forward to the days when they play together, but for now am enjoying the sweetness that is a newborn, and the alone time I still get with Maddox :)


Life with two is good.. Seriously love this whole mom thing!


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