This year

A little reflecting on the big and little things from this past year..

I started drinking coffee. I’ve never been a big coffee drinker {I actually prefer coke in the mornings… cherry coke to be exact}. I do like Starbucks coffee though… You know like the drinks that really can’t even be considered coffee because they’re so sweet.. Yeah, those. When I found myself wanting to go every morning I had to do something. $4 a pop is just too much… So I pulled out our teeeeny tiny coffee maker my mom made me register for when we got married, and I now make coffee for myself every morning :) I do a lot of flavored creamer and sugar, but I’m pretty sure it’s still better for me than cherry coke!

Sometimes I let Maddox have the last sip :)

We got a mini van. Obviously not my “dream car” but I honestly really wanted one. It makes so much sense for our growing family, and the convenience is unbeatable.. We love it!


I turned 27.. I know 27 isn’t old, but it sounds old. And I don’t feel grown up enough to be 27.

I got pregnant again… It hit me about a week ago that I’m actually going to have two kids. Throughout Maddox’s pregnancy I would have moments of revelation where things became more real, and that has happened again this time around. I’m going to have two kids. Two boys that I am responsible for. That call me mama. That I will always love. Forever. Two people that will grow up and be men. That reality is insane to me.

I’ve been a stay at home mom for over a year, and no longer have an out of body experience when I say it out loud :) it feels normal.

This was Maddox on my first official day staying at home. How cute was he? Hatcher has a lot of living up to do in the cute department!

We finished building, moved in and have made this house our “home”. Our house in Dublin was homey and we loved it, but this one feels different. We made every decision about this house.. Brick, siding, cabinets, every light, every bathroom fixture, paint colors, etc… It truly reflects us, and I love it. I can’t believe we’ve almost lived here an entire year!

Home sweet home :)

It’s been a really great year.. There have been some hard things. Really hard things.. I learned a lot though and can honestly say that I am more in love with Jesus, Justin and Maddox.. I look forward to 2014 and all the new things we will experience as a family of four!!!


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