Oh Christmas tree…

This is mine and Justin’s 4th Christmas together and the first time we’ve had a tree… Kind of..
Our first one we lived in Dublin. We didn’t have kids, and were planning to be at our parents houses for Christmas, so we decided against a tree.. {By we, I mean Justin :)} First Christmas, no tree.

Unless you count that little thing. $3, 12inches tall… Cute, but doesn’t count in my book. Also this was the year we got Dexter :)

Our second year was kinda the same story.. I was 8.5 months pregnant with Maddox and we were living at the lake house, all christmas decorations packed away in storage.. We spent time at both our parents, and just didn’t “need” a tree.. Sad, but honestly it made the most sense. We would get one the next year. Maddox would be almost a year old and we would have a new house {we didn’t know we were going to build at that point}… Christmas #2, no tree.
Last year the holidays were crazy! We went to Costa Rica for a week right before Christmas, moved, and Justin’s brother got married in Kansas 4 days after Christmas! We decided against a tree again. I wanted one so bad, but our forks were still in boxes, we had a lot to do before we drug a tree in our house and actually enjoyed it.. It just didn’t make sense. But then, my favorite husband surprised me!! He had his mom and cousin come to our new empty house while we were Costa Rica and set up a huge Christmas tree with lights and ornaments!!! We had nothing but a tree at our house for our 3rd Christmas! Complete opposite from #1 and #2..
Christmas #3, a big beautiful tree :) finally!

Now it’s our fourth Christmas and I couldn’t wait to get the tree! We went last weekend to this cute little farm and picked out a tree! They had farm animals for kids to see, crafts, story time with Mrs. Clause, and a cute little gift shop. It was so fun and exciting to get a tree and put it up together! I still haven’t gotten the ornaments on it, but it’s lit and I think it’s so pretty!




And that’s the evolution of our Christmas trees, and how it took us 4 years {kind of} to get one :)


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