32 weeks

Only eight weeks to go… I can’t believe it! Hatcher will be here in less than TWO months!! How fantastic is that? My tailbone, lower back, esophagus and I are all celebrating this news :) Not to mention Justin who, lets be honest, probably wants his normal wife back!


I went to the doctor yesterday morning and I got the “most boring patient award”. Everything was perfect… Music to my ears :) I am so thankful for such a healthy pregnancy. Really cant wait to meet this active little one and see what he is like.

Maddox can’t wait either :) As soon as I told him we were going to the doctor for mommy and baby Hatcher he got super excited and was ready to get in the car! Then the whole drive to the office, and in the waiting room he kept saying “Baby, hapeet” and I couldn’t figure out what he was talking about.. Then I realized he was saying heart beat :) His jaw dropped when she put that Doppler on my belly and he heard the “hapeet” :) so sweet.

And this is what waiting on the doctor for 30 mins looks like..



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